How to get rid of the „Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.“ message

So there is this awesome Site called For those of you haven’t heard of it yet, it is basically better than TV – by lightyears. Thousands of Titles that stream on demand for just about 8$ a month. The catch – unless you live in one of the few countries that are lucky enough to get it you just get this:

„Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.“

And if you’re like me, you have getting this for years! If you live in Switzerland, as I do you will most likely get this fucking message for many more years and be stuck with stupid overpriced cable service! Just because some old fucks who own the rights to our favorite TV shows feel like they shouldn’t be given to us how we want them. Since the Internet stops at borders.

So that leaves you and me with two options:

  • Piracy – Depending on where you live the download of Copyrighted material might not even be illegal, Switzerland and AFAIK the Netherlands come to mind.
  • Circumvent the Geolocation blocking prevents  you from accessing all the sweet sweet streams you do crave so much. More about that after the break.

In order to access Netflix you will need a way to mask the origin of your IP. I do this with Prox Mate, an expansion for Firefox and Chrome that allows you connect to any website via a Proxy Server.  Download their expansion and install it according to their instructions.  I use the free service at the moment but I plan to support them  as their service just works for me.

Alternatively you can use a service like Unlock US or Tunlr. Their pricepoint is in the same range as the Prox Mate Service I recommend but their tools aren’t as easy to run. More on that later.

Once you have installed the expansion and set it to active if you havent done yet. Go to (or use one of the links that sponsors a podcast like if you want to support them 😉 ) and register a new account. All you need now is an US zip code and a credit card. They accepted my Swiss credit card without problems. After your done with that you get your free one month trial – enjoy!

I would advise you to deactivate the proxy as it theoretically could read your passwords on the server.

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