I finally figured it all out :D (well mostly)

So I had a few domains for a while now.

And they have been mostly idling during the last few years, as I had no fucking Idea what to do there other than my RP Wiki I use for notes about various campaigns that are lodged somewhere in my head. But this week it dawned on me:

I have installed WordPress MU a while ago and will now split my domains into various purposes.


Here I plan to post geeky ramblings in english about just everything that interests me. This might be music, board games, roleplaying games, rants about how stupid people on the interwebs are, movie reviews and so on.

Var Midnights Travel Logs

Var Midnight is a character we created for our D&D campaign and I kept him around. Here I plan to post In character posts about the various RP worlds I run, write or fantasize about. The site isn’t activated yet but should be around soon.

Schlägereien aller Art

This one will be German (or Swiss German which is an entirely different language :D) and I plan to use it to organize our (not so) little group of gamers. I would really like to avoid double bookings for gamedays and stuff as we are all working and its hard to keep track of all the other guys games. Maybe I will also add some tools for PBF games. Coming soon…

The NecroNomNom

This one is not 100% clear yet. Maybe I will start that geeky cookbook 😀

At least I have some sort of plan now… lets hope I don’t fall back into slacking 😀

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