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My first go at a Small World Cheat Sheet (Download)

I got Small World at Spiel last year. OK I will be honest I got just about everything i could get my grubby hands on (Small World, Small World Underground, Small World Realms, and the first 3 mini Expansions :D) and I fell in love.

I only got around to playing it more over the holidays and since I got the Royal Bonus, Leaders and Necromancers Island this week I decided the game needed a nice cheat sheet for all the races and tokens.  So it contains all the Powers and races from:

It is a double sided and layered (printer friendly) A3 page.

I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment.

If you want to know more about Small World have Wil Wheaton explain it to you:

I finally figured it all out :D (well mostly)

So I had a few domains for a while now.

And they have been mostly idling during the last few years, as I had no fucking Idea what to do there other than my RP Wiki I use for notes about various campaigns that are lodged somewhere in my head. But this week it dawned on me: I finally figured it all out 😀 (well mostly) weiterlesen