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On this Wiki you will find the collected writings about our Savage Worlds Games based on the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game by Pinnacle Entertainment.
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  • Shadows of the Dominion v3.0 – it has been nearly one hundred years since the Binding ended the Mage Wars that nearly destroyed Shard. Now the Dominion, once beaten by an alliance of the free nations seems to have grown in power again.
  • Interface Zero – Cyberpunk by Gun Metal Games grim and gritty adventures in the year 2088. – run by Sven.
  • Archives – Archived Settings. Not updated lately.

One Shots

  • Noir York City is a One Shot Sven is working on right now. Work in Progress. Restricted area until I played it with my Players ^^


  • Story Hooks - Just Some Random Plot Hooks that Spring to mind.
  • House Rules - Our House Rules that apply to all our games unless otherwise noted.
  • Helping Tables - Various tables for ease of access.
  • Links - A Linkcollection for your Reading Pleasure.